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Florida Feels: Man Biking U.S. in Raising Awareness for Pet Therapy

Florida bro, 52-year-old Jay Hamm, is biking across the nation, via his Pedego electric bike, to raise awareness for pet therapy!

He also utilizes his pets, Chibby Choo and K Poppy, for pet therapy as well. The dude rules!

Hamm packed his pups in a custom-built sidecar and rode off from Jupiter Inlet, bound for Huntington Beach, Calif., trailed by a support bus with bedding, coolers, paddleboards and supplies.

His making his trek to raise awareness of the benefits of pet therapy and how dogs help people. The motivation, when his dog comforted his sister, Tamra Williams, who was dying of cancer in 2015.

Both of his dogs are certified for pet therapy and he also launched a non-profit, Paws for Compassion, which he operates under. He brings his dogs to medical facilities in the area and to Tequesta Terrace, an assisted living facility, where he spreads smiles, left and right.

When Hamm returns, he is going to jump behind the wheel of the bus to promote the organization in shuttling dogs to areas of need around Lake Okeechobee.

Hamm’s passion is to serve others and to that, we give this bro, two thumbs up! Keep up the great work!


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Florida Feels: Surf Style Uses Model with Down Syndrome in New Campaign

The beachwear company, Surf Style, is using 16-year-old Ethan Holt, with Down Syndrome, in its new ad campaign, to push for inclusiveness.

The company chose Holt following the urging of Help Us Gather (HUG), promoted breaking down barriers for those living with disabilities.

Surf Style’s website claimed that Holt was chosen because of his charisma and love of the the camera and ocean, as well as being the ‘perfect example of inclusion’.

“We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusion in all of our stores,” said Surf Style’s Tara Malinasky. “We hope this sets an example for other brands to feature those with disabilities in their marketing efforts, as well.”

HUG had been working for months to help Holt realize his modeling dream and jumpstart his career, being turned down multiple times and being told there ‘isn’t a market’. The non-profit has praised the decision as a major step forward in including and representing those with disabilities.


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