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Woman Enters Walmart to Use Unpaid Items to Attempt to Make a Bomb

A 37-year-old Emily Stallard can now be branded as a domestic terrorist, after entering a Walmart, grabbing items of the shelves and attempting to make a bomb, in-store, while also with her young child in tow.

That’s right, Stallard assembled all items, made a makeshift bomb and attempted to detonate it in the supercenter. She was thwarted, however, thanks in part, to a security guard who noticed her roaming numerous aisles while accumulating multiple flammable materials and projectiles.

The security guard also notified an off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer who was also in the store at the time of the incident. The two were able to stop her just as she was attempting to light the wick of the hand-made bomb.

Sheriffs on the scene noted she had all the necessary items to ’cause a mass destruction’, so she definitely knew what she was doing.

Big ups to the two officers in-store for stopping what could have been a devastating incident!

Stallard is currently being held on $8,500 bond and has a laundry list of charges against her, including: attempted arson of a structure, child abuse and, as she was being taken away, battery on a law enforcement officer, because she decided to spit on the arresting deputy.


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Woman Arrested for Threatening McDonald’s Employees Over Dipping Sauces

A 19-year-old Maguire Marie McLaughlin wanted sauce for her nuggets, so she told a McDonald’s employee if she didn’t get any, there’d be trouble.

It turns out, she didn’t get the sauce she wanted for her chicken nuggets, but the employee claimed she wanted extra sauce, which costs $0.25-per-container. An argument ensued.

McLaughlin then stated she will ‘get the sauce by whatever means possible’ and that she would ‘come back and rob the restaurant’.

This pampered princess is clearly used to getting anything she wants, but not this time! Police arrived on the scene and took her into custody on disorderly conduct. She also had to be placed in restraints because she kept locking her legs as officers tried to take her away.

McLaughlin was arrested on threatening to rob charges and currently resides in Indian River County Jail.


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Man Arrested for ‘Slinging’ Genitals and Screaming Obscenities

A 32-year-old Carlos Suarez lost his mind and went full-Caveman recently, which included screaming profanities at police, all while standing butt naked and swinging his penis, like a helicopter.

Charlotte County officers received numerous calls and online reports that all reported a screaming man in his underwear was walking the street.

When police arrived, they found Suarez, who kept running in-and-out of his home while yelling curse words at them. At one point, he emerged stark naked and started ‘slinging his genitals’ at them.

When officers informed Suarez that he has been arrested, he tried to book it through the woods across the street and was tased by police.

His charges include: breaching the police, exposing himself and resisting law enforcement.


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Man Drives Truck Through Convenience Store to Steal Dr. Pepper

A 28-year-old Gavin Lee was thirsty on New Year’s Eve, but instead of opting for drinks with family and friends, he decided to drive his truck through a business to steal some … Dr. Pepper!?

That’s right, Lee was charged with armed burglary after first attempting to break-in to the building, but after failed attempts at breaking the door lock and going in through the window, he just drove his truck straight through it.

Once inside, video surveillance captured Lee grabbing a Dr. Pepper from the cooler and sat at the bar, enjoying it.

When police arrived, he was arrested, while officers also found a loaded gun in his pocket as well.


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Following Argument with Girlfriend, Man Punches Everything

Shortly after a disagreement with his girlfriend, Destinee Fernandez, a 23-year-old Hunter Thomas Bleich started putting fists to everything, because he’s a tough guy!

Bleich first began his temper tantrum at a gas station, when he began punching gas pumps and then entered the car wash and started laying haymakers on the equipment inside.

By the time police arrived, he had already moved on to assaulting a tree, having punched it numerous times. He was sitting on the ground next to his car, his lady in the passenger seat, while enjoying a post-fit cigarette.

He admitted to police that he was so angry after the fight that it caused him to punch everything. Police could smell alcohol on his breath, of which, he also confessed having just left a Christmas party as well.

Before being arrested, he started screaming at Fernandez again, over one of the officers, which prompted them to place him in handcuffs.

Once booked, Bleich started punching the concrete walls at the Naples Jail Center as well.

Bleich made bond and awaits his date in court. Anger management, maybe?


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White Claws and Bud Light Lead to Man Crashing Golf Cart Through Beach Bar

A 45-year-old William Halford was out having a blast and downing White Claws and Bud Light when he decided it was time to drive through the front glass window of Mango’s Beach Bar at Jacksonville Beach.

Halford was apparently trying to back the cart out of a space, but went forward instead, thus propelling the cart through the front of the bar.

According to patrons, three customers suffered minor injuries, including one of them, an Anthony Camponella, who was pinned between the cart and the bar. Besides that, they all had some aches and pains, but were ok.

When officers arrived, Halford was slurring his speech and swaying back-and-forth, while providing lethargic responses. He did, however, admit that it was a bad idea to try and drive the golf cart while intoxicated.

Halford faces charges of property damage, personal injury, careless driving and DUI.


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Polyamorous Woman Has Four Live-In Options as to Who the Father Could Be

Tory Ojeda is 20-years-old and polyamorous and pregnant. She has four live-in boyfriends and may now know who the father of her unborn child may be.

Ojeda shares her Jacksonville, Fla., home with Ethan, Marc, Christopher and Travis, swapping each in-and-out of bed every night.

The bizarre love story launched three years ago, when Ojeda met Marc, then 18-years-old, in high school. A couple of months later, she started also seeing Travis (23), to whom she is now also engaged to. Shortly thereafter, both Ethan (22) and Christopher (22) came into the picture. The latter, she is certain, is the father.

Her baby girl, which is due in February, is indeed that of Chris, as the timing lines up with the conception date. The two were on vacation together.

Come February, things are going to get crazy as the house expands to six, but also gives the baby many different options to call, ‘dad’.

Ojeda admits that it won’t be easy, as the four men have had tiffs of jealousy over the past few years, especially considering her engagement to the oldest in the house, Travis. However, she swears they have all talked it out and are all on good terms. To that we say, ew.

She goes on to admit that it is exhausting to share the same roof with four different men as she has encouraged the other boyfriends, not her fiance, to pursue other women.

An “endless loop of ‘go ask your dad'” is en route and things are about to get super dysfunctional or will all workout, should the four men combine responsibilities to be a super dad.

All parties involved hope that society will eventually ‘come around’ and be open to the family of five’s relationship as a legitimate ‘throuple’. Ew.


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Man Accused of Helping ISIS, Posts Instructional Bomb Video Online

Romeo Langhorn was arrested after not only posting pictures and content in favor of ISIS, but also for sending out an instructional bomb video as well.

Neighbors stated Langhorn was always ‘shady’ and ‘up to something’, while Charles Serecka noted he remembered an occasion where he was walking down the street with a brick in his hand, because ‘cops were in the neighborhood’.

Langhorn was already flagged for his social media content, but he was actually picked up by authorities in Virginia, while on the run. He currently faces numerous and severe charges, while also being labeled as a domestic terrorist.


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Woman Calls Police to Report Dead Body in Driveway (Who She Killed)

Yvonne Serrano, 51-years-old, phoned police recently to report a dead body in her driveway, but ended up being charged because she killed the victim, Daniela Tabares Maya (21).

Maya was murdered per a gunshot wound. Following an investigation, detectives identified Serrano as the murderer.

The two women were part of a group outing that included a trip to the movie theater, as well as drinks. Maya drove to Serrano’s home, where surveillance video captured her pulling up at 2 am. Serrano called 9-1-1 shortly before 6am and had deleted her Ring camera footage and did laundry as well.

Serrano told police she didn’t remember how she got home. She is charged with tampering with physical evidence and second-degree murder.

Serrano is currently being held at the Broward County Jail and denied bond.

This has all the makings of a future Lifetime Original Movie.


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Woman Participates in Seance and Kicks Man in Groin

You might remember the psycho that is Kristie Johnson. Earlier this year, she left her five kids in the car so she could go get drunk at the bar.

Well, she’s in the news again.

Johnson, following a night of drinking, one which included a seance and knocking a man unconscious, is back in jail.

A sober Kenneth Drake was no match for a drunken Johnson. As he was chugging brews and trying to watch NFL Monday Night Football, Johnson wanted attention. She would not be denied.

So, as a form of couples mediation, the two gathered around a candle-lit room to call on spirits!?

Well, the seance didn’t help. Johnson began punching him, grabbed him by the hair and also dragged, scratched and bit him, all while kicking him, but culminating with a huge dong punt, thus crippling the man.

Maybe a spirit made her do it? Did the seance actually work? Were spirits conjured? Was Johnson possessed!?

Drake said, following the attack, that Johnson is never allowed back in his house. He also opted to press charges.

Johnson is currently in the Charlotte County Jail on domestic battery charges.



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