Woman Arrested Twice in One Night, Escaped Handcuffs and Stole Cop Car

Mary Liane Fritz, 30-years-old, was twice arrested in a single night, initially for stalking, but again after slipping out of her handcuffs and fleeing the scene … in a police cruiser!

Fritz was (allegedly) following a woman, who went to the local police station, where she informed officers that she was being stalked, which, needless to say, made arresting her an easy task.

She was handcuffed, behind her back and placed in a patrol car. She managed to not only slip out of her cuffs, but wiggle her way through the partition of the cruiser, get behind the wheel and drive off.

Since it’s no longer 1987, the car was tracked via a progressive technology called ‘GPS’, and Fritz was found, with not only aggravated stalking charges, but now grand theft charges as well.

She’s currently being held on $95,000 bond.


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