Man Drives Truck Through Convenience Store to Steal Dr. Pepper

A 28-year-old Gavin Lee was thirsty on New Year’s Eve, but instead of opting for drinks with family and friends, he decided to drive his truck through a business to steal some … Dr. Pepper!?

That’s right, Lee was charged with armed burglary after first attempting to break-in to the building, but after failed attempts at breaking the door lock and going in through the window, he just drove his truck straight through it.

Once inside, video surveillance captured Lee grabbing a Dr. Pepper from the cooler and sat at the bar, enjoying it.

When police arrived, he was arrested, while officers also found a loaded gun in his pocket as well.


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Woman Calls Police to Report Dead Body in Driveway (Who She Killed)

Yvonne Serrano, 51-years-old, phoned police recently to report a dead body in her driveway, but ended up being charged because she killed the victim, Daniela Tabares Maya (21).

Maya was murdered per a gunshot wound. Following an investigation, detectives identified Serrano as the murderer.

The two women were part of a group outing that included a trip to the movie theater, as well as drinks. Maya drove to Serrano’s home, where surveillance video captured her pulling up at 2 am. Serrano called 9-1-1 shortly before 6am and had deleted her Ring camera footage and did laundry as well.

Serrano told police she didn’t remember how she got home. She is charged with tampering with physical evidence and second-degree murder.

Serrano is currently being held at the Broward County Jail and denied bond.

This has all the makings of a future Lifetime Original Movie.


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Sorceress Who Cast Family Curse Spell Sent to Prison

One would think she would have seen this coming as a psychic fortune teller and done something differently to avoid prison, amirite?

That said, 28-year-old Sherry Tina Uwanawich, a woman who possesses mystical powers, was sentenced to 3.4 years in prison for accepting $1.6 million to lift a curse she had cast on a family.

The ‘victim’ met Uwanawich back in 2007, of whom she garnered trust in convincing her she needed to submit a large sum of money for crystals and candles, which when, used in meditations, would help dispel the curse.

The scheme lasted a staggering SEVEN YEARS before Uwanawich admitted to it being a hoax, back in 2014.

She had already been found guilty for wire fraud and now must also pay restitution to the insanely-gullible family who can all rest easy, because the curse has been lifted.


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Mental Patient with ‘DEATH’ Tattooed on Face Breaks Out

A 33-year-old mentally ill prisoner with a history of violence escaped his psychiatric hospital and had the entire Oakland Park neighborhood feeling like an 80s horror flick, just in time for Halloween.

John Ireland has a lot of tattoos, but when you break out and you have ‘DEATH’ tattooed on your cheek, and you’re 6’5″ and 200 lbs, anyone would be scared. It was reported he jumped the fence of the facility around 4am.

After an extensive search with the K-9 unit, he was eventually picked up after a citizen recognized him from images released by the local police. The convict is a schizophrenic with a history of violent behavior.

He will now be charged with escape from a hospital as he was transported to a local jail.


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Man Throws Bottle of Urine on Prosecutor at Hearing

In true ‘Florida Man’ fashion, Albert Narvaez tossed a bottle of his urine at the prosecutor during his sentencing hearing.

According to the report, the urine doused the prosecutor’s clothing and a little even entered his mouth. Yuck! Narvaez, as he was being taken away, screamed, “He pissed on me! He told me to do it!”, but it’s not clear as to who he was referring to, nor how he got the bottle in the room.

The sentence hearing was postponed as he faces charges of attempted murder, but now, charges of battery as well, for throwing pee-pee.

Needless to say, this does not bode well in proving his innocence.


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Lunatic Sends 10,000 Threatening Texts to Woman Over 12 Days

Nicholas C. Nelson is a psychotic and a fiend. He sent over 10K threatening texts to a woman over the course of 12 days.

The two shared a mutual friend and had met a few times. He sent numerous inappropriate texts, including pic texts, like one of an airport parking lot that read, “I’m going to start blowing up planes to prove my point.”, “Her & I can drive tanks around America & blow up churches or whatever we want & you could protect us” and, continuing the theme of growing ever-more creepy, “You and I, We die together”, “Don’t ever try to leave me. I’ll kill you… I don’t wanna be a murderer!” and “The only man you’ll ever be with again is me.”

Yikes! This dude is sick in the head. He is a Florida resident, however, was arrested in Georgia and returned to the Sunshine State, where he remains imprisoned at Broward County Jail. His bond is set at $500,000 as he has been charged with aggravated stalking.


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Man Unsheathed His Sword Over a Trashed Wheelbarrow

It’s Medieval Times in South Florida.

That’s right, a yet-unidentified, sword-wielding maniac is out here just slicing things up, if you dare to touch his street-side garbage pile!

A jogger, Todd Beavers, saw a wheelbarrow, that he felt like he could still get some use out of, in a trash pile, so he claimed it. When he got home, that’s when the Highlander arrived, unsheathed his sword and started to strike the wheelbarrow with all his might.

Turns out, the swordsman felt he had first rights to the trash and exchanged words with Beavers, before following him home. His home surveillance footage showed the whole thing: as the two played tug-o-war with the piece of trash, the man was wildly swinging the sword. Even with his weapon, he still left empty handed, because he realized he was on candid camera.

Beavers left the cart standing in his front yard after the incident, when minutes later, a woman who might have known the swordsman, came and dragged the cart away.

Police are still working to identify both the man and the woman.


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Home Invader Gets Bit By Near-Toothless Owner, Then Arrested

A 61-year-old Alice Coleman wasn’t having it when a thief attempted to enter her home, deciding to bite the man with her handful of remaining teeth.

Coleman opened the door because of the sound of fire alarms and that is where Fitzroy Morton forced his way in, telling her that everything would be alright.

That is where Coleman, ‘with the little teeth I got, I bit him!’. She then ran out of the apartment, prompting Morton to lock himself in. She called the police from a neighboring apartment.

Police arrested Morton on three different felony charges.

Coleman said she’ll answer the door with a taser from now on.


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Man in Just Hat and Shoes Seen Walking Around Naked

Authorities are still attempting to identify a man who was seen walking by a guard house in Pembroke Pines, naked and masturbating.

Video sees the man walking past the gate wearing just a hat and shoes, while carrying clothing in his hands. Witnesses claim they spotted the man remove his clothing to start masturbating. Once finished, he just left.

The guards phoned police, but could not locate him. He’s still on the loose.


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