Following Argument with Girlfriend, Man Punches Everything

Shortly after a disagreement with his girlfriend, Destinee Fernandez, a 23-year-old Hunter Thomas Bleich started putting fists to everything, because he’s a tough guy!

Bleich first began his temper tantrum at a gas station, when he began punching gas pumps and then entered the car wash and started laying haymakers on the equipment inside.

By the time police arrived, he had already moved on to assaulting a tree, having punched it numerous times. He was sitting on the ground next to his car, his lady in the passenger seat, while enjoying a post-fit cigarette.

He admitted to police that he was so angry after the fight that it caused him to punch everything. Police could smell alcohol on his breath, of which, he also confessed having just left a Christmas party as well.

Before being arrested, he started screaming at Fernandez again, over one of the officers, which prompted them to place him in handcuffs.

Once booked, Bleich started punching the concrete walls at the Naples Jail Center as well.

Bleich made bond and awaits his date in court. Anger management, maybe?


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