White Claws and Bud Light Lead to Man Crashing Golf Cart Through Beach Bar

A 45-year-old William Halford was out having a blast and downing White Claws and Bud Light when he decided it was time to drive through the front glass window of Mango’s Beach Bar at Jacksonville Beach.

Halford was apparently trying to back the cart out of a space, but went forward instead, thus propelling the cart through the front of the bar.

According to patrons, three customers suffered minor injuries, including one of them, an Anthony Camponella, who was pinned between the cart and the bar. Besides that, they all had some aches and pains, but were ok.

When officers arrived, Halford was slurring his speech and swaying back-and-forth, while providing lethargic responses. He did, however, admit that it was a bad idea to try and drive the golf cart while intoxicated.

Halford faces charges of property damage, personal injury, careless driving and DUI.


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Polyamorous Woman Has Four Live-In Options as to Who the Father Could Be

Tory Ojeda is 20-years-old and polyamorous and pregnant. She has four live-in boyfriends and may now know who the father of her unborn child may be.

Ojeda shares her Jacksonville, Fla., home with Ethan, Marc, Christopher and Travis, swapping each in-and-out of bed every night.

The bizarre love story launched three years ago, when Ojeda met Marc, then 18-years-old, in high school. A couple of months later, she started also seeing Travis (23), to whom she is now also engaged to. Shortly thereafter, both Ethan (22) and Christopher (22) came into the picture. The latter, she is certain, is the father.

Her baby girl, which is due in February, is indeed that of Chris, as the timing lines up with the conception date. The two were on vacation together.

Come February, things are going to get crazy as the house expands to six, but also gives the baby many different options to call, ‘dad’.

Ojeda admits that it won’t be easy, as the four men have had tiffs of jealousy over the past few years, especially considering her engagement to the oldest in the house, Travis. However, she swears they have all talked it out and are all on good terms. To that we say, ew.

She goes on to admit that it is exhausting to share the same roof with four different men as she has encouraged the other boyfriends, not her fiance, to pursue other women.

An “endless loop of ‘go ask your dad'” is en route and things are about to get super dysfunctional or will all workout, should the four men combine responsibilities to be a super dad.

All parties involved hope that society will eventually ‘come around’ and be open to the family of five’s relationship as a legitimate ‘throuple’. Ew.


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Man Accused of Helping ISIS, Posts Instructional Bomb Video Online

Romeo Langhorn was arrested after not only posting pictures and content in favor of ISIS, but also for sending out an instructional bomb video as well.

Neighbors stated Langhorn was always ‘shady’ and ‘up to something’, while Charles Serecka noted he remembered an occasion where he was walking down the street with a brick in his hand, because ‘cops were in the neighborhood’.

Langhorn was already flagged for his social media content, but he was actually picked up by authorities in Virginia, while on the run. He currently faces numerous and severe charges, while also being labeled as a domestic terrorist.


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Florida Feels: Hurricane Headbanger Launches GoFundMe for Dorian Victims

A Jacksonville-based musician, Lane Pittman, has garnered national recognition for taking on Hurricane Dorian, in board shorts, equipped with only an American flag.

He first entered the spotlight when he was arrested in 2015 for playing the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar at a festival, which prompted the Foo Fighters to tweet in support about him! The support helped him and his band earn paid gigs all around the states.

This living Florida Man meme also launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Hurricane Dorian victims, with a goal set at $2,500. It currently sits at just under $1,000. You can donate HERE.

We salute this rocker bro!


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Florida Feels: Man Purchases Generators/Food for Bahamas Post-Hurricane Dorian

A local Jacksonville man snapped a photo of a good Samaritan at a Costco, purchasing over 100 generators and food to send to the Bahamas, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian’s destruction.

The generators were all roughly valued at just shy of $500 each, while his post jumped to viral status, having turned in well over 35K shares and 4K comments.

The man planned to remain anonymous because it was about providing help, not the attention.

The supplies was sent over via a boat that arrived at Marsh Harbour.



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Man Arrested at Traffic Stop for Having Live Grenade

A convicted felon, Donald Reid Jr., was arrested and charged with possession of ammunition and firearms, including a live grenade.

He was pulled over at a traffic stop by DeSoto police, whom posted on Facebook that Reid Jr. stated, when approached, that he had a ‘live’ M67 grenade in the vehicle with him.

The bomb squad out of Sarasota County were able to disable and destroy it.


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Surfer Attacked by Shark, Skips Hospital, Opts for the Bar

Surfer Frank O’Rourke, in Jacksonville, Fla., was injured by a shark that latched onto his elbow on Saturday.

He was surfing in the late afternoon when the shark bit him, knocking him from his board. His friend, RJ Berger, saw the whole thing transpire, claiming that it was behind the wave and that is when O’Rourke ‘got hit’.

O’Rourke was treated by a lifeguard and probably could have used some stitches, but people offered to buy him drinks, so he bailed on the idea of going to the hospital and headed to the bar instead.

The amateur surfer claims that this will not prevent him from continuing to hit to the water.

As it shouldn’t. This is their territory and we’re the visitors!


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