Woman Hits Man with Hammer in Dispute Over a Pork Chop

If you try to take Jesseca Daniele Hardy’s pork chop, you may just catch a hammer to the face!

The 32-year-old assaulted a man in a fight over a slab of meat. She hit him in the face and head, repeatedly, causing swelling to his lips and eye, not to mention, bumps left on the head.

Whether Hardy came away with the pork chop and ate it in the form of a victory dance has yet to be reported.

She’s in jail on $5K bond for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charges.


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Man Breaks in House, Masturbates in Baby Clothes, in Hostage Situation


A 36-year-old Christopher Strickland is definitely a psycho. He broke into a woman’s house, held her hostage, all while masturbating and trying on her baby’s clothes.

Yeah, kind of funny. However, here’s where the story starts to get disturbing.

He dragged the woman to her living room and forced her to watch porn while he masturbated. He also held a pillow over her face at one point, as well as a knife to her throat and threatened her family.

He left the house around 9am and told her if she called the police that he’d come back and kill her, but not before making off with expensive jewelry and clothes, in-total, around $2,000. The entire ordeal lasted three hours for this poor woman.

Investigators were able to track him down per the semen he left on the floor and camouflage vehicle helmet he wore to break in. He was then identified per a lineup by the woman.

When police arrived at his residence, they found Strickland still wearing the woman’s clothes, including a pink bra.

Strickland faces a long list of charges, including: aggravated assault, home invasion, battery, larceny, lascivious sex acts, among others.

His bond is set at nearly $290,000. He’s not getting out any time soon.


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Psycho Abandons Nude Wife and Sets Car on Fire

Pensacola’s own Donald Allen Moran, 55-years-old was charged with battery and arson after stranding his nude wife on the side of the road and torching her car.

This bro took his wife to the beach, made her strip naked on the way back and left her in the street. Then he went over to the apparent cuckold’s house, assaulted him, slapping him in the face, and setting a car ablaze.

The male victim’s name has not been revealed, but witnesses claim that, after Moran set the car on fire, he tried to extinguish the flames, prompting said man to pin the firestarter until police arrived.

He is being held on $25,000 for a count on battery and second-degree arson, two counts.


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Man Flashes Arresting Officer and Grabs His Ass

Trenton James Rich was arrested in Pensacola, Fla., this past weekend on charges of indecent exposure, battery, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, among other infractions.

The homeless 19-year-old was arrested for pleasuring himself at a Walmart and allegedly made numerous lewd comments toward his arresting officer, including potentially having grabbed his butt saying, “Let me touch it”.

Oh, he also flashed his genitals and told officers to “suck it”, which then prompted him to assume a karate stance and started swinging at them.

After all this, he ran on foot and was eventually detained behind said Walmart. He was held on $10,000 bond.


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