Cheating Wife Loses Side Piece in Worst Possible Way

Authorities in Bell, Fla., are saying 49-year-old Alex Bonilla is in custody after holding his wife’s lover at gunpoint, cutting off his penis and fleeing the scene with said member.

That’s right, Bonilla broke into his neighbor’s home, tied him up and mutilated his genitals with a pair of scissors. As we all collectively cross our legs and cringe, let’s dive into whether there was a good reason for what are currently being tabbed as charges of aggravated assault.

Motive is still currently under investigation, but it was previously reported in an arrest report in May, that Bonilla caught his wife and the victim having sex.

The weirdest part about this whole story is that Bonilla took the detached dong back to his house across the street!

The victim is currently hospitalized, but it was not reported on the whereabouts of the now flaccid and decrepit wiener.


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