Woman Arrested for Threatening McDonald’s Employees Over Dipping Sauces

A 19-year-old Maguire Marie McLaughlin wanted sauce for her nuggets, so she told a McDonald’s employee if she didn’t get any, there’d be trouble.

It turns out, she didn’t get the sauce she wanted for her chicken nuggets, but the employee claimed she wanted extra sauce, which costs $0.25-per-container. An argument ensued.

McLaughlin then stated she will ‘get the sauce by whatever means possible’ and that she would ‘come back and rob the restaurant’.

This pampered princess is clearly used to getting anything she wants, but not this time! Police arrived on the scene and took her into custody on disorderly conduct. She also had to be placed in restraints because she kept locking her legs as officers tried to take her away.

McLaughlin was arrested on threatening to rob charges and currently resides in Indian River County Jail.


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Police Use Beanbags and Tasers, Can’t Faze Man with Sword

A drunk and high, 29-year-old Michael Kifer, was visited by police three times in one night, with the final visit turning into a Marvel movie.

Kifer was wielding a sword and hatchet while screaming at police to, “Shoot me!”, following failed attempts at subduing him with both beanbags and tasers.

What sparked the third stop from police was Kifer, who was making threatening phone calls while holding a knife. When police arrived, he took off, but reemerged with a hatchet. SWAT was then called in and breached the door. He was hiding in his bedroom. The squad then busted in through the window. That is when he reached for his sword.

They fired four beanbags as Kifer was unfazed and began to run around his house. They then tried tasers, which still proved ineffective.

It was only during the final stand, in which he ran at a police officer with the sword, that live ammunition was greenlit. An officer fired one and dropped Kifer like a bag of potatoes.

The shot proved fatal as he died from his injuries a few hours later. It was determined that Kifer was content in committing suicide. In keeping with protocol, the officer who fired the shot was placed on administrative leave.


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Dude High on THC Claims ‘Jesus is Returning’

Here’s what we do know, Jesus is returning, we just don’t know when, but there’s a good chance 22-year-old Carlos Guillen does.

He was pulled over in a parking lot after apparently driving around in circles and arrested for allegedly being drunk and also having smoked THC.

He told the deputies that he had smoked 400 milligrams of liquid THC in his vape to, ‘get himself ready because Jesus was returning’, but also thought he was in Tampa, though he was actually in Vero Beach.

He was charged with a misdemeanor DUI, posted his $500 bond and, prior to his Aug. 20 court date, is believed to be currently hanging out with God’s son.


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