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Man Arrested After Hiring Undercover Detective to Murder His Brother

Some people talk it out and some hire contract killers to take care of the problem. The latter is what 54-year-old Gary Hudge opted for.

Hudge met with an undercover detective recently to dish out some cash to see his brother killed because of financial disagreements. He offered locations and addresses for his brother, as well as transportation and guns to commit the murder as well.

After making a monetary exchange, he was taken into custody. He currently resides in Pinellas County Jail and is charged with solicitation of murder, sale of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance, all crimes of which he has already admitted to committing.


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Man Avoids Arrest by Hiding in Pond, Caught When He Came Up for Air

A 36-year-old Daniel Christopher Booth, in an attempt to evade capture by police, decided to take a chance, strip naked and hide submerged in a pond.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

Booth, who worked at a nearby solar power plant in Wellborn, Fla., was sought by the Suwanee County Sheriffs Office, with warrants for his arrest in hand, for neighboring Baker County, for methamphetamine charges.

When officers arrived on the scene, Booth took off, despite the K9 units being deployed as well. Having garnered a head start, he de-clothed and hid underwater to evade pursuit. However, dogs are a lot smarter than him and hung around till he came up for air. At that point, was taken into custody, shirtless.

The Rambo impersonator was taken into custody at Suwanee County Jail and faces additional charges now as well, including resisting arrest.


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Man Skates into Walmart, Steals Over $500 in Items, Skates Out

A still-unidentified man ‘hovered’ into the Winter Haven Walmart recently, filled his cart up with over $500 in merchandise and then hovered straight out of the store. Video surveillance captured the whole thing!

That’s right, this thief from the future was rocking a pair of Voyager ‘Space Shoes’, which are e-mobility hover skate sneakers, retailing at around $200.

Video shows the man using the hover board to push the cart while he navigates the store and filling his cart. It’s presumed that the suspect left the scene in a 1990s Nissan Maxima, with two different chrome wheels and some distinguishable hood damage.

Some of the items he made off with include a car battery, bouquet of flowers, Roku TV and a Motokicks hoverboard, because apparently, this dude likes to float around.


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Man Accused of Beating Elderly Golfer to Steal His Golf Balls

Tyler Dearden, 22-years-old, must have really needed golf balls, because he recently wandered onto a golf course and beat an elderly man to get his bucket.

Dearden came to the course with the purpose of stealing balls and, as he was collecting them, was told by a golfer to ‘not do that’. He then walked up to the elderly man, stating he wanted to apologize, and then punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

The senior citizen suffered bruises, cuts and a broken rib. Stitches were also required.

Dearden was jailed on $10,000 bond and charged with aggravated battery on a person 65 years or older.

Dearden told police he was defending himself because the man pointed his club in his face.


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Woman Hits Man with BMW, Attempts to Pee on Deputy

A 20-year-old Serina Maris Probus was stoked to get her mugshot, however, her charges are serious and she’ll surely lose that big smile real soon.

Probus is facing numerous felony charges in two-different incidents … IN THE SAME NIGHT!!!

She first hit a man with her BMW while strung out on cocaine and then tried to take a hot, steamy piss on the arresting officer.

She’s a class act.

Probus, drunk and high, first left her sister-in-law’s holiday party, her 6-month-old baby in tow, despite attempts by the family and friends to keep her at the home. She also bit said sister on the hand.

When being placed in the patrol car, shortly after hitting the man with her BMW SUV, she had to be restrained and placed in hobbles. This is when she attempted to pee on the officer and also spit on him.

So, to reiterate, she’s a class act.

She’s chilling in Pasco County Jail with charges of domestic violence, felony battery, felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and a few more misdemeanor charges as well, for good measure.


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Florida Feels: Man Sheds More Than 150 Pounds to Join the Military

Please allow 28-year-old Christian Montijo to serve as your 2020 motivation to get your lives together. The father of two dropped more than 150 lbs and then opted to serve his country in joining the U.S. Army!!!

For Montijo, it has been his dream to serve his country, but the weight was keeping him from doing it. So he did something about it. It was just about a year ago that he weighed more than 300 lbs., so with a plan in sight, he started a weight-loss campaign, which included meal prep and walks around his neighborhood.

He credits his kids as his primary motive in dropping the weight, but joining the military has always been a dream. When he felt he was good enough, he visited the Kissimmee recruiting station, but still needed to drop about 30 lbs.

By October of 2019, he had shed nearly 165 lbs and was finally able to enlist.

Montijo is now active and at basic training in South Carolina, while serving as a Satellite Communications Systems Ops Maintainer.


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Man Steals Mail of Professional Baseball Player, Faces Five Years in Federal Prison

A 31-year-old Miami native, Jeremy Brown, took ‘Florida Man’ on the road recently and now faces up to five years in federal prison for stealing mail, including checks, out of the mailbox of a professional baseball player.

The unnamed ball player witnessed the man, in his Ford Mustang, stop off and take mail out of both his and his parent’s mailboxes. The incident(s) were also captured on personal security footage.

He then informed his mail carrier and then parked his car in the neighbor’s driveway the next day, by means of catching him, which he did.

Brown returned in the same car, but this time was met by the homeowner, who phoned police, but also held the suspect at gunpoint till they arrived.

Brown admitted to stealing mail, which included a $1,041 check, two different checks for $15,555.02 and another for $700.

Brown was found guilty on one count of theft by mail, therefore faces a maximum of five years, three years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine. He was also denied parole, since it’s not offered in federal court.


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Woman Tosses Bucket of Human Feces on Landlord

A 65-year-old Joanne Mercader apparently keeps a trusty bucket of her feces handy in case of home invasion. In this instance, her landlord.

That’s right, Mercader claims she meant to soak him with a bucket of water, but instead flung her collection of poop in a bucket.


Mercader initially claimed her landlord broke in to assault her, but was found with dried feces on her face and on her clothes.

Both women, covered in feces are now face-to-face with police at this point. She first claimed she didn’t know why either of them had poop on them, but later redacted her story to say she meant to grab the bucket of water and not poop, both of which, she apparently keeps at the ready in the bathroom.

Finally, after an awkward back-and-forth of trying to explain why people had human poop all over each other, the woman admitted to waiting at the ready for her landlord to open the door, when she chucked the bucket at her, drenching her in liquid poo.

Mercader was arrested for battery on a person of 65-years or older.


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Man Wakes Up to Male Intruder Sucking on His Toes

A 20-year-old Bradenton man was (allegedly) awoken on Christmas Eve by a burglar who stopped off to suck on his toes!

You read that correctly.

The man was sound asleep when he started to feel a sensation in his feet. When he awoke, he saw a the man committing the deed. The victim told him that he didn’t have any money, of which he replied, “I’m just here to suck on your toes.”


The bizarre incident then turned physical when the suckee wanted his feet out of the sucker’s mouth. The victim then began to reign blows down on the intruder. He punched him several times in the face, while the man proceeded to reach for the victim’s genitals.

That’s when the victim was informed that the intruder had a gun on him, though it was never seen during the altercation. Unfazed by the warning, the victim continued to beat the man. Wearing down the toe sucker, he managed to get away to call the police, forcing the intruder to flee.

The man then punched out a window and began to jump on top of the victim’s car, cracking the windshield. After all that, he finally took off.

The man is described as a black male, standing just under 6-foot-tall and between the ages of 20-25, with a shaved head.

In addition to the charges of sexual assault, criminal mischief, felony burglary and assault and battery, he also caused over $1,000 in damages to the victim’s property and automobile.

Police are currently gathering DNA evidence to try and locate the man.


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Couple Arrested After Fistfight Over The Kelly Clarkson Show

A 55-year-old Ronald Meyer and his girlfriend, Linda Donahower (61), got so heated over an argument over a segment from The Kelly Clarkson Show, that it resulted in both being arrested for domestic battery.

You read that correctly.

Donahower and Meyer, at their shared Clearwater home, got into a verbal altercation when she punched Meyer in the shoulder and told him to ‘shut up’ because he was ‘annoying her’. Meyer then climbed on top of her and punched her in the face, which left a visible red mark and swelling.

His reasoning for doing it, ‘to get her to calm down’. Wow!

The arresting officer noted that the couple, who have been together for 14 years, were both intoxicated.

Both were booked on charges of misdemeanor mutual domestic battery.


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