Florida Feels: Man Drops 260 lbs Ahead of Running First Full Marathon

Florida bro Chris Hasty was motivated in not dying in the next 5-10 years, so he decided to drop more than 260 lbs, down from nearly 500 lbs, in anticipation of running his first full Disney Marathon.

Now, you can find him at one of two places, the gym or running the hills of Clermont. He didn’t stop at a certain number and has kept the journey going. His wife also launched @morbid2marathon on Instagram, so you can track his progress, but was initially started in keeping him accountable.

Hasty was a borderline diabetic with high blood pressure before opting to run in various 5K, 10K and half-marathons with coworkers at South Lake Hospital. Now, he’s up to full marathons and, in January of 2020, will partake in the four-day slate of races as part of Run Disney, which culminates with a full marathon and a total of 48.6 miles.

Hasty currently has a GoFundMe campaign going in hopes of having skin removal surgery, because the loose skin is painful when he runs. You can donate to the cause: HERE.


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Teen Steals Money From Parents to Hire Someone to Kill Them

A 17-year-old Alyssa Hatcher is a psycho and does not have a bright future.

Hatcher stole her parents’ debit card and first withdrew $100 to buy cocaine. Then she took out $400 to hire someone to kill them. Since she clearly has never seen any kind of hitman movie, she didn’t know that offer is a joke. So, she then took out another $900 to try for a second killer.

Psycho and naive.

She was also in cahoots with her boyfriend, who she also gave money to for presumably being a great influence. Said boyfriend also was quick to throw her under the bus when investigations started, stating he saw her go into ‘known drug houses’.

She has been charged with criminal solicitation for murder and resided in Lake County Jail, before being turned over to where she currently resides, in the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Her parents remain unharmed, but needless to say, probably not too proud of what they created in this budding lunatic.


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