Man Arrested for Punching Customer for ‘Taking Too Long’ at Walmart

A 69-year-old Henry Junior Harvey was detained after punching another Walmart shopper in the face for taking too long at the retailer’s self-checkout line recently.

Harvey, along with his wife, had started to become irritated as the line was moving slow. So, in true ‘Florida Man’ fashion, he punched a victim in the head, completed his transaction and went home.

A few hours later, police arrived at Harvey’s house and booked him on first degree misdemeanor charges and was held on $2,500 bond.

The victim did not suffer any serious injuries.


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Drunk Man in Christmas Pajamas Stops to Take a Public Pee at Airport

Some people go to the airport to travel, but in the case of 55-year-old Daniel Wickell, you go to urinate … in public.

Wickell was arrested at the Southwest Florida International Airport. He was booked on public intoxication and indecency charges. An airport employee spotted him at almost 11 am, drunk as a skunk.

He was in the Christmas spirit, however, as Wickell was decked out in a red shirt and holiday-themed pajamas. When officers arrived, he was hunched over on a bench, he had soiled himself and had vomit all over his mouth.

Officers noted that he smelled of both alcohol and urine and, when he gave his ID to police, went on a profanity-laced tirade, as he stumbled and fell into a wall, while avoiding being put in handcuffs.

Wickell was placed in the Lee County Jail on multiple charges, including disorderly intoxication, public urination and resisting arrest.


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Woman Shot in Butt While Breaking into Home

Jessica Gutzler is 40-years-old and still breaks into houses.

That said, Gutzler attempted to enter the home of Robert Lafata recently, in which she engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Lafata, resulting to her getting shot in the rear end.

Turns out, the man used to date one of Gutzler’s friends, so motive much!?

Even after getting shot, Gutzler ran off, but later called 9-1-1 because she needed medical attention.

Deputies found her at an intersection and took her to Lee Memorial Hospital, per trauma alert, where she was treated and then booked by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Gutzler faces multiple charges, including burglary and assault, and will have a cool butt story to tell her fellow inmates as well.


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Nude Man Roams Warehouse, Breaks Stuff, Takes a Shower

Despite the fact that there is video surveillance proving otherwise, Joseph Michael Bieniek, 24-years-old, pleaded not guilty to a butt naked felony.

Bieniek caused about $1,000 in damage to a plumbing business, United Plumbing, in Lee County. When police arrived, he was naked and holding the hammer he used to smash stuff with.

Video shows him entering the company with a forklift, using it to blast through the fence, then he enters and starts dropping clothes. He then started smashing stuff up and then entered the bathroom, where he took a shower.

When cops arrived, he proclaimed, ‘I swear to God, I was in the bathroom just taking a shit!’

He faces five charges: two counts burglary, property damage, resisting arrest and larceny. He’s in the join on almost $27,000 bond.


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Florida Feels: Dad Risks Life to Save Daughter

The body of Thomas Zakrewski, a 46-years-old hero, was found in the Gulf of Mexico after he sacrificed himself to save his 8-year-old daughter.

The Georgia native jumped into a dangerous rip current to hand his daughter off to their mother before being swept under to drown to death. The family had been walking along a sandbar in Upper Captiva Island (Fort Myers).

The wife had also jumped into the water to save their daughter, but the father passed the child to her before succumbing to the tides.

He is survived by the daughter and his wife.

You can contribute to the family fundraiser for his daughters, HERE.


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