Woman, Following Split with Boyfriend, Drives Through Assisted-Living Home

A 19-year-old Yesnia Guzman, a Tallahassee native, was visiting her now ex-boyfriend in Baton Rouge, when she broke-up with him and then crashed her car into a senior citizen home.

Guzman smashed into two other cars as she peeled back out of the parking spot at her ex’s home, which caused her to go nearly straight through the assisted-living home. She also hit two beds where people were sleeping.

The teenage mother also had her two children in the car, neither were hurt.

No injuries were reported as all inhabitants were sleeping, however, Guzman was charged with: hit and run, felony child endangerment and reckless driving.

She remained in Parish Jail overnight and no bond has been announced.


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Woman Steals $8K From GFM Campaign for Little Girl Who Died

Amanda Strickland, the next-door neighbor to 8-year-old Mariah Weinman, who died when a tree fell on her house during a tornado, is an absolute fiend.

Strickland, who actually launched the GoFundMe campaign to ‘help’ the family, linked it to her personal bank account. It raised more than $14,000 in the first week, of which she paid $13,000 to the family.

That’s nice, right? Maybe. However, she never ended the campaign and continued to garner donations. The total amount pulled in was roughly $21,000, of which she kept the difference.

She was arrested and resides currently in the Leon County Detention Facility on charges of failure to apply contributions in a manner substantially consistent with the solicitation.

She made her $1,000 bond and awaits a court date.


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