Man Steals Mail of Professional Baseball Player, Faces Five Years in Federal Prison

A 31-year-old Miami native, Jeremy Brown, took ‘Florida Man’ on the road recently and now faces up to five years in federal prison for stealing mail, including checks, out of the mailbox of a professional baseball player.

The unnamed ball player witnessed the man, in his Ford Mustang, stop off and take mail out of both his and his parent’s mailboxes. The incident(s) were also captured on personal security footage.

He then informed his mail carrier and then parked his car in the neighbor’s driveway the next day, by means of catching him, which he did.

Brown returned in the same car, but this time was met by the homeowner, who phoned police, but also held the suspect at gunpoint till they arrived.

Brown admitted to stealing mail, which included a $1,041 check, two different checks for $15,555.02 and another for $700.

Brown was found guilty on one count of theft by mail, therefore faces a maximum of five years, three years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine. He was also denied parole, since it’s not offered in federal court.


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Woman Arrested for Allegedly Swindling Elderly Husband Out of $1 Million

The 26-year-old wife of Richard Rappaport (77), Lin Helena Halfon, tried to cash a check for $1 million recently and, when that didn’t work, she tried to do it another way.

Halfon first attempted to submit a cashier’s check for the full amount at a Tampa bank, claiming she was using it to buy her new husband a yacht.

When denied, she returned, this time with three checks written out for $333,333. She was refused again and the bank called the police.

Investigators notified Rappaport, who initially wanted to give the woman the benefit of the doubt, in hopes she would not be deported back to her native Israel.

However, days later, she was successful in cashing two checks for $666,000 in Orlando, but the third check, for the remaining $333,000 was frozen.

Rappaport, the president of Panther Medical, believes now that his marriage was a scam for his money and that he was indeed a victim of fraud.

Something tells us that this newly-wed couple is about to split up.

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Man Makes Threatening YouTube Hate Video, Faces Federal Charges From FBI

The bigot known as 34-year-old Mostafa Hussaini is in loads of trouble for having posted over a dozen hate videos to YouTube, of which he goes by Vam Vima, in stating he was going to ‘burn black people’, hurt military members and kill people from different religious backgrounds.

The videos were enough to catch the eyes of the FBI, which put out a warrant for his arrest as he was spotted and subsequently arrested on the campus of Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

Things started to get serious after the psycho recently posted a threatening video, targeted at Christians, of a still-alive parakeet on fire.

Hussaini is being held without bond and awaiting trial.


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Woman Drives Over Her Baby’s Daddy and His Girlfriend in Attempted Murder

A 28-year-old Melissa Nozile was a woman scorned and, as a result, is now facing attempted murder charges after using her car to run over both her child’s father, as well as his current girlfriend too.

Nozile told police that she quote, “Saw them, but I was in a hurry”.


Reports claimed that she agreed to meet the father at the usual pickup spot for the child. The victims were walking to the intersection, when she started following them alongside. When Nozile demanded he get in the car, without the girlfriend, and he ignored the requests, she decided to road rage the two of them.

When the two passed in front of the car, Nozile started to rev the engine. She then put it in drive, knocking into both as they fell to the ground and ran over them.

The man suffered from abrasions and lacerations to his head, while his ear had to be reattached in surgery, while she also suffered from head injuries, including lacerations and road rash on her wrist and arms.

Nozile was booked on nearly $18,000 bond and faces two counts of attempted second-degree murder.


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Man Robs Family Dollar, Climbs Building and Falls Through the Roof

A 55-year-old Pedro Rodriguez fell through the roof of a Family Dollar in an attempted burglary recently.

That’s right, Rodriguez, broke in, tripped the alarm and, when trying to evade first responders, climbed to the ceiling and fell through the roof, sustaining injuries.

Detectives found tampering with the store’s surveillance system, including missing batteries and wires from the trip system.

Police also found over $7,000 in cigarette boxes were placed in a bin outside, placed by Rodriguez, as well as a used crack pipe and cocaine residue.

The store’s damages totaled north of $60,000.

Rodriguez is facing five felony charges and numerous misdemeanors, including burglary, tampering with evidence, grand theft, possession and resisting arrest.

He was taken to Jackson memorial Hospital for his injuries and currently resides in jail.


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Woman Arrested for Going Home with Numerous Men and Robbing Them of Over $130K in Watches

A 25-year-old Katelin Nicole Wojtowicz thought she had a nice watch-stealing ring going, but as she soon found out, all good things come to an end.

Wojtowicz has been accused of flirting and going home with men. When they wake up, she is gone, along with most of their watches and valuables as well.

The incident where she was outed, happened recently. She met a man at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach, where she was drinking with friends. She then approached the man and began to flirt.

The man said the two of them went to his room, where he placed his $20,000 watch in the hotel safe.

When he awoke the next morning, she had ghosted, along with all contents in the safe, which included cash and numerous valuables totaling more than $50K.

He phoned police who were able to identify her from fingerprints on her wine glass. The man was invited to a lineup in which he identified Wojtowicz.

She’s currently in jail on grand theft charges.


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Masturbating Man Punches Old Man Who Asks Him to Stop

A 39-year-old Kerry Vandergriff was engaging in ‘the fappening’ at a supermarket parking lot when a senior citizen made the mistake of trying to intervene.

At a Fresco Y Mas, in Miami, Vandergriff was beating off to the hot latinas going in and out of the store. An old man caught sight of the act and attempted to put an end to it.

Vandergriff then punched the senior in the face, dropping him to the ground. He then continued to reign blows on the man while grounded as well.

Vandergriff was arrested on numerous charges including, disorderly intoxication, battery and indecent exposure.


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Man Breaks into Retired Boxer’s Home, Gets Destroyed and Hospitalized

Mark Katsnelson, 35-years-old, tried to enter the wrong home recently, as his face was completely destroyed by a 65-year-old retired boxer in Barry Sands.

Close to 10:30pm on Saturday, Sands was asleep at his Miami home and was awoken by what appeared to sound like a hysterical female banging on the front door and asking for help.

Sands opened the door to find Katsnelson there, who attempted to force his way into the home, striking Sands and cutting his lip.

That was the wrong move.

Sands ‘Hulked’ up and punched Katsnelson numerous times in the face in self-defense as Katsnelson suffered multiple facial injuries. He was transported to the hospital while under arrest.

Katsnelson has been charged with burglary, assault and battery. He’s being held without bond. Sands, on the other hand, has another TKO on his resume.


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Florida Feels: Nonprofits Form Highway Flash Mob for Charity

Volunteers from various nonprofits took to the streets for Give Miami Day in raising money for Underline, a new 10-mile linear park and urban trail initiative.

The nonprofits formed a flash mob and danced along the highway along U.S. 1 in Miami-Dade during rush hour, all while accepting donations.

Underline, which will stretch from South Dadeland to Brickell, will feature a safe space for bike rides, running trails and picnics, and will also have the convenience of being established in conjunction with the Metrorail, so transportation will be convenient.

The first phase of construction for Underline begins next summer.


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Woman Accuses Boyfriend of Cheating, Threatens Him with Knife and Bites His Penis

Some couples sit down and have a logical conversation to work things out. That’s how you know whether you have something that works.

In the case of 33-year-old Esperanza Gomez, you can also threaten your boyfriend with knife and then bite his love-making tool too.

That’s right, an hours-long drinking binge led to a 3am argument in which Gomez accused her unnamed boyfriend of cheating because of the female friend who joined the couple. After said friend departed, she started to become enraged with jealousy and shouted at him, held his arms and poked him with a knife.

Finally, the cherry on top, she then went down and bit his penis out of frustration.

Gomez was arrested with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Her bond stands at $6,500 because peenie biting is frowned upon.


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