Couple Arrested for DUI Starts Having Sex in Police Car

A couple, already in the back of a police car for DUI charges, decided to also add public indecency to the list of charges as well, by having sex in said cruiser.

That’s right, supermodels, 35-year-old Megan Mondanaro and Arron Seth Thomas (31), were riding bicycles with no lights on, close to midnight. Both rode into the street and were nearly hit by a car, which led to a deputy to pull them over … on bikes.

The two had clearly been drinking as a ‘strong odor of alcohol’ was detected on both of them, including bloodshot and watery eyes and slurring speech.

The two were arrested and placed in the cruiser, where the deputy noticed that the two were starting to have sex. He said that he opened the door to stop them and saw that her poopie was visible and that her bazongas were also flopping around.

In true cock-block form, he pulled Thomas from the car, who promptly ran away, dong flapping in the wind, but was apprehended behind a Cold Stone Creamery. Mondanaro became violent and started kicking because, we don’t need to tell you, but mama wanted the D. She was also removed from the vehicle and placed on the ground.

In Thomas’ backpack, there were seven cans of beer and a Four Loko, all were yet to be tapped. Hopefully they were placed on ice.

Both of them blew over a .062, including Thomas having blown a .145, but what is crazy is that the test took place a staggering three hours after the arrest and he still blew that!

No news yet as to whether the two shared a cell overnight to continue their romance. Needless to say, it is hoped that neither of these butt plugs can procreate.


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