Woman Buys Toy From Goodwill and Family Finds Loaded Rifle Inside Box

A Florida mom, Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez, recently purchased a Baby Einstein bouncer, in a sealed box, but when her husband opened it at home, the couple found a Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rifle with ammo boxes as well.

Alvarez-Rodriguez went to Florida Goodwill where she claims you can find ‘the best treasures for $9.99’, but we doubt she meant an apocalypse-conquering and loaded semi-automatic rifle for a baby shower.

The Baby Einstein bouncer, unopened, appeared to be brand new and was purchased for $10. The recipient family, specifically, the father, shouted, ‘You guys got me a gun!’, while some guests laughed, the purchasing couple were shocked and instantly called the Crestview Police Department.

Officers arrived at the party, ensured that the purchasing couple were not felons and confiscated the weapon.

The incident currently remains under investigation, including how the weapon and ammo got into the box in the first place.


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Man’s Fake ID Ends Up Being That of a Wanted Criminal

Joshua Wade Turner, 46-years-old, was detained by Okaloosa County Sheriffs after it looked as if he was passed out drunk by a bank in the heart of the city.

When police arrived, Turner gave them another person’s identification, including a social security card, who was wanted on criminal charges, Patrick Pearson.

Turner was arrested because Pearson had an active warrant under his name for charges of theft and because he failed to divulge his actual, real identity.

The icing on the cake, when being processed, Turner decided to spit into the eyes of the detention deputy, which was good for an additional charge of batter on a law enforcement officer. In addition, he was also given two charges of fraud, possession of a forged license and giving false identification.

According to Newsweek, a first-degree misdemeanor for the charges can result in 12 months probation and a $1,000 fine. A second offense, which is actually a third-degree felony, can garner up to five years in prison or five years probation, including a $5K fine.


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Man Smashes 20 Cars ‘Belonging to Mafia’ Because Trump ‘Owes Him a Trillion Dollars’

A 30-year-old Justin James Wilson went on a car-smashing binge, using rocks and a belt buckle, damaging 20 vehicles and then taking a nap in a bench nearby the incident.

The cars were all parked at a Holiday Inn on Okaloosa Island. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office have charged him with 14 counts of felony criminal mischief and six counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief for the damage he caused, totaling north of $30,000.

Wilson, homeless, upon being located by the OCSO, claimed he did it because President Donald Trump owes him a staggering one trillion dollars and that each of the vehicles he damaged belong to the mafia.


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Man Uses Front-End Loader to Dump Dirt Mountain on Girlfriend’s Car

Ah, young love. A 20-year-old Hunter Mills recently used a front-end loader to dump dirt all over the roof of his girlfriend’s white Cadillac.

Okaloosa County Sheriffs reported that she went to go meet him at Phil-Dirt Inc., a contractor company, and that is where he dumped the dirt all over the car, filling it on the inside as well, because the window was open.

The woman was not injured and he received a felony criminal mischief charge.

Here’s the kicker … The car, wasn’t her ride.


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