Florida Feels: Woman Breaking Barriers in Playing Football with Men

Raksha Bethencourt is a full-time law firm assistant, has a side hustle job at home, is a single mom and, oh yeah, a linebacker in a men’s minor league football league.

We could all learn something from this women. That is how you stay busy!

Bethencourt is just 25-years-old. She rocks No. 48 and patrols the outside as a linebacker for the Orlando Phantoms, of which, she’s already won two championships with the team as well.

She tried out in 2017 and made history in making the cut, having beat out 76 other players, all men. She’s the first woman to ever play in the league.

The 5-foot-4 OLB initially tried out for the Orlando Anarchy, the women’s minor league football team, but in wanting to pursue a greater challenge, opted to also try out for the Phantoms.

The most-difficult part of it all, according to Bethencourt, is conquering the mental aspect of playing against men. She’s suffered numerous injuries, including haven broken her hands. However, she has not swayed from the task at hand in also serving as a good example for her 7-year-old daughter.

The baller hopes to inspire other women to knock down walls and challenge barriers as well, because anything is possible, if you set yourself a goal and are determined to make it happen.


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Man Backs into Chuck E. Cheese, Leaves Truck and Flees From Scene

A 26-year-old Mariano Gomez Ajtum backed his truck up, nearly straight through, the women’s bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese on International Drive. So, he left the truck and ran away, because, ‘Florida Man’.

Video surveillance caught the whole scene. Only a few patrons were present in the restaurant at the time of the incident and no one was in the bathroom, so no one was injured.

The 48-second video released by police captures him reversing, with speed, directly into the wall, which caused significant damage to the building’s structure. It then shows him get out of his truck, observe the damage and proceed to full-on sprint away from the incident.

He did one thing right, however, he was wearing his seat belt! He later returned to the scene to face the music. Alcohol was not part of the equation, it just ended up being a mistake.

Despite the damage, the establishment was forced to also close its doors temporarily following the incident.

Ajtum was handed a ticket for improper backing and driving without a valid license.


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Man Gropes Disney Princess Right Next to His Wife, Gets Arrested

Brian Sherman, a 51-year-old desperate pervert, groped a Walt Disney World princess during a photo op recently and was arrested.

Sherman, along with his wife, were posing for pictures with the woman when he took it upon himself to cuff one of her breasts, while having the other arm around her shoulders.

The idiot didn’t realize that the Disney employee, taking pictures, then had visual proof of the incident, all while his wife is off in her own world.

Coworkers told officers she wasn’t able to move after the incident, out of shock and was visibly crying.

The turd-wrapped turd is currently in jail, with no representation, and being charged with battery.

His wife, completely oblivious, probably still doesn’t know what’s going on.


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Man Arrested in ‘Back-Door’ Disney Items Dealings, Wrestles with Police

Patrick Spikes, a (now former) employee of Walt Disney World and founder of ‘BackDoorDisney (we’ll explain that one), has stolen nearly $14,000 in Disney memorabilia.

A surveillance video was released to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office of Spikes scuffling/wrestling with the questioning officers regarding the thefts, over the phone that the 24-year-old was using to take pictures of the stolen property to post them online to sell.

He has a a black market online account, of which he sells stolen Disney items and uses Twitter to share what’s for sale at ‘BackDoorDisney’. He would take pictures with the items in the backstage areas to prove the credibility of them and then post to sell.

Some of the known items stolen, an expensive bomber jacket, headphones and a hat of an animatronic character, ‘Buzzy’, from Epcot’s closed ‘Wonders of Life’ attraction.

Investigators found that he wasn’t alone in the crimes, as his cousin, Blaytin Taunton, is also in on stealing costumes and wigs from Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Records show that the two men used their respective Disney IDs to gain access to employee-only areas at the Disney family of theme parks, over a two-year period. Both men have generated thousands in revenue from items sold.

Spikes and Taunton face charges of grand theft, burglary and dealing in stolen property.


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Man Dresses as Woman, Robs Bank, Steals Police Car

A 51-year-old thought he (or she) was a criminal mastermind in disguising as a woman and arresting a bank, but after also stealing a police cruiser, which led to a two-county car chase, he’s behind bars, none-the-richer.

That’s right, Gumersindo Reyes got dolled up in a gold dress, equipped with a red wig, long-sleeve shirt and some big-ass white sneakers, entered a Casselberry-based Chase Bank, and passed a note to the teller that ‘demanded money’.

He left the bank, carrying an undisclosed amount of cash. However, he stupidly ditched his getup behind a bush, where a Seminole County deputy noticed the ‘bizarre’ behavior and intervened.

He failed to subdue Reyes with a stun gun, but chased him into a nearby apartment complex. At that point, the deputy then went to draw his firearm, causing a struggle as Reyes attempted to grab it from him.

That is when Reyes ran off, jumped in the deputy’s cruiser and took off.

Reyes then led police on a chase that extended from Seminole County to Orange County, before crashing into a car, where police then apprehended him.

He faces a log list of numerous charges, including big ones like, battery of an officer, resisting arrest with violence and robbery with a firearm.

Reyes, who has a criminal past, including attempted murder in Puerto Rico, is currently in jail and, the unfortunate part for him, he can’t use any of the money he stole for a good lawyer, because he’ll need one.


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Disney Bans Woman After Assaulting Taxi Driver and Officer

A drunken nicotine lover was banned from all Walt Disney parks after assaulting both her taxi driver and a police officer as well.

That’s right, 53-year-old Ellen McMillion, a Brandon, Fla., native, hit her taxi driver and kicked a deputy on resort grounds at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The taxi driver claimed she started hitting him after he denied her a cigarette. When the officer intervened, she kicked him.

She was charged with disorderly intoxication and batter of an officer.


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Disney Bans Visitor for Life After Punching Employee

So, not only did Jessica Grines, 23-years-old, allegedly punch Walt Disney World employee, Taylor Gragert (23), but also apparently took control of the Tower of Terror ride as well!

Grines, a native of Chicago, was said to have become verbally aggressive, using profanity, and also began pressing buttons randomly, some of which could have affected the ride. This resulted shortly after Gragert had approached Grines’ group over being collectively upset with their invalid fast passes.

When Gragert attempted to push Grines’ hands away from the machine is when things got physical. A witness phoned police shortly thereafter. Grines’ group also recorded the entire incident with their phones.

Gragert declined to press charges against the psycho that is Grines and declined medical treatment when authorities arrived, but that didn’t stop ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ from banning Grines for life.


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