Florida Feels: Man Sheds More Than 150 Pounds to Join the Military

Please allow 28-year-old Christian Montijo to serve as your 2020 motivation to get your lives together. The father of two dropped more than 150 lbs and then opted to serve his country in joining the U.S. Army!!!

For Montijo, it has been his dream to serve his country, but the weight was keeping him from doing it. So he did something about it. It was just about a year ago that he weighed more than 300 lbs., so with a plan in sight, he started a weight-loss campaign, which included meal prep and walks around his neighborhood.

He credits his kids as his primary motive in dropping the weight, but joining the military has always been a dream. When he felt he was good enough, he visited the Kissimmee recruiting station, but still needed to drop about 30 lbs.

By October of 2019, he had shed nearly 165 lbs and was finally able to enlist.

Montijo is now active and at basic training in South Carolina, while serving as a Satellite Communications Systems Ops Maintainer.


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Man Found in Possession of $40,000 in Stolen Bikes

This is a Florida man story, but takes place in Boise, Idaho, as Bradley D. Knirnschild, of Kissimmee, Florida, was found with a lot of bikes to ride.

The 26-year-old had a warrant for felony battery out in Florida as it is, but now Washington state was reporting stolen bikes. The dude is a true multi-state criminal mastermind … or would have been.

Upon being scooped up by police, he told them he was having a medical issue. He was brought to the hospital where, in true Florida man fashion, he kicked an officer in the chest.

Now, he’s up against numerous charges, including multiple battery charges and grand theft possession of stolen property, all felonies.

Dude is currently in custody and will be sent back to Florida soon.


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