Man Arrested After Hiring Undercover Detective to Murder His Brother

Some people talk it out and some hire contract killers to take care of the problem. The latter is what 54-year-old Gary Hudge opted for.

Hudge met with an undercover detective recently to dish out some cash to see his brother killed because of financial disagreements. He offered locations and addresses for his brother, as well as transportation and guns to commit the murder as well.

After making a monetary exchange, he was taken into custody. He currently resides in Pinellas County Jail and is charged with solicitation of murder, sale of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance, all crimes of which he has already admitted to committing.


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Man Skates into Walmart, Steals Over $500 in Items, Skates Out

A still-unidentified man ‘hovered’ into the Winter Haven Walmart recently, filled his cart up with over $500 in merchandise and then hovered straight out of the store. Video surveillance captured the whole thing!

That’s right, this thief from the future was rocking a pair of Voyager ‘Space Shoes’, which are e-mobility hover skate sneakers, retailing at around $200.

Video shows the man using the hover board to push the cart while he navigates the store and filling his cart. It’s presumed that the suspect left the scene in a 1990s Nissan Maxima, with two different chrome wheels and some distinguishable hood damage.

Some of the items he made off with include a car battery, bouquet of flowers, Roku TV and a Motokicks hoverboard, because apparently, this dude likes to float around.


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Woman Hits Man with BMW, Attempts to Pee on Deputy

A 20-year-old Serina Maris Probus was stoked to get her mugshot, however, her charges are serious and she’ll surely lose that big smile real soon.

Probus is facing numerous felony charges in two-different incidents … IN THE SAME NIGHT!!!

She first hit a man with her BMW while strung out on cocaine and then tried to take a hot, steamy piss on the arresting officer.

She’s a class act.

Probus, drunk and high, first left her sister-in-law’s holiday party, her 6-month-old baby in tow, despite attempts by the family and friends to keep her at the home. She also bit said sister on the hand.

When being placed in the patrol car, shortly after hitting the man with her BMW SUV, she had to be restrained and placed in hobbles. This is when she attempted to pee on the officer and also spit on him.

So, to reiterate, she’s a class act.

She’s chilling in Pasco County Jail with charges of domestic violence, felony battery, felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and a few more misdemeanor charges as well, for good measure.


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Couple Arrested After Fistfight Over The Kelly Clarkson Show

A 55-year-old Ronald Meyer and his girlfriend, Linda Donahower (61), got so heated over an argument over a segment from The Kelly Clarkson Show, that it resulted in both being arrested for domestic battery.

You read that correctly.

Donahower and Meyer, at their shared Clearwater home, got into a verbal altercation when she punched Meyer in the shoulder and told him to ‘shut up’ because he was ‘annoying her’. Meyer then climbed on top of her and punched her in the face, which left a visible red mark and swelling.

His reasoning for doing it, ‘to get her to calm down’. Wow!

The arresting officer noted that the couple, who have been together for 14 years, were both intoxicated.

Both were booked on charges of misdemeanor mutual domestic battery.


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Woman Admits to Stealing Makeup, Just to See if She ‘Could Get Away with It’

A 19-year-old Marina Ruemmely did the crime and is ready to do the time, after stealing makeup from Walmart to quote, ‘She’s young and wanted to see if she could get away with it.’

The Winter Haven Walmart loss prevention officer stated he witnessed Ruemmely put the makeup in her cart and, after heading to the back of the store, place it all in her purse. She then left the cart there and walked all out of the store with the items in her purse.

He then stopped Ruemmely short of the parking lot and held her in his office till police came. Upon arrival, she admitted she did it because ‘she was young and wanted to see if she could get away with it’.

The makeup in her purse totaled, $142.37. She was arrested for petit theft.


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Man Arrested After Neighbors Call Police Because of His Loud Lawnmower

Neighbors phoned police recently to complain about the volume of the lawnmower of one 57-year-old Robert Miller, which led to his arrest.

That’s right, Miller’s mower, which apparently could be heard from over three houses away, has been lighting up the neighborhood for, allegedly, over a month, prompting its inhabitants to finally call the police. In fact, over 100 calls had been made to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to complain.

When police arrived, body cam footage showed Miller saying that he didn’t care about the neighbors and started to rev the the mower even louder, despite one of the deputies asking him to turn it off.

When arrested, he refused to provide fingerprints. He was arrested for both disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


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Man Arrested for Handing Out Marijuana ‘For Christmas’

A 67-year-old Richard Ellis Spurrier (no relation) was just trying to spread some holiday cheer in passing out some marijuana to people walking by, but the problem is, that’s illegal.

That’s right, the St. Pete man was downtown and in possession of 45 grams of weed. He also had with him, a digital scale, glass pipe and prescription bottle, though it had his name on it, as well as a sword, concealed in his cane!

Spurrier was taken into custody and released the same day. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and intent to distribute.


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Infamous Walmart Masturbator Turns Himself In

A 19-year-old Elias Alan-Arturo Flor, who followed around a mother and 12-year-old child, in a Walmart, while masturbating, turned himself in.

Video surveillance captured Flor committing the acts, while the victim’s child witnessed the entire act. When he alerted his mother, Flor had disappeared.

Flor had entered the Walmart with the intention of committing the act as video caught him having paced for a few minutes and, eventually putting his hand down his pants, and started following the family around the store.

Flor is facing one count of battery and one count of lascivious and lewd exhibition in the presence of a child.

The teenager is currently residing in Polk County Jail.

Source. | Source.

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Man Arrested for Domestic Battery, By Way of a Pop-Tart to the Head of His Wife

A 36-year-old Brandon Sutherland angrily threw a breakfast pastry at the head of his wife recently and thus, was arrested.

The weapon of choice, a Pop-Tart.

The incident occurred following an argument between the two, which prompted Sutherland to hurl the goo-filled pastry at his wife. The Pop-Tart missed her and hit the wall, but on the follow-through, his arm hit her.

He admitted to his Pop-Tart assault, which resulted in the woman having a mark on her arm. He was also arrested last year for assault on the same woman, having then been charged with a misdemeanor battery charge.

The ‘disabled veteran’ is currently jailed on domestic battery charges.


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Grown Man ‘Playing Cowboy’ Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg with .22 Revolver

A 36-year-old Matthew Noffsinger Jr. was doing his best Wild-Wild-West impression recently when his revolver discharged and shot him in the leg.


Noffsinger, a convicted felon, was treated for his wound at the hospital, stating that someone shot him in the woods. Pasco County deputies, however, spotted that the entrance and exit wounds went straight down the leg, contradicting his story.

Thus, Noffsinger confessed that he lied and, as a convicted felon, is not supposed to be operating firearms, so he was booked.

He told police that he was messing around and ‘playing cowboy’ when a .22 revolver accidentally went off. When his belongings were searched, police found a backpack with four credit cards and a personal ID card, all of which did not belong to him.

Noffsinger was arrested and charged with felony firearm possession and possession of other people’s personal information.

Don’t play with guns, kids!


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