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Florida Feels: Man Biking U.S. in Raising Awareness for Pet Therapy

Florida bro, 52-year-old Jay Hamm, is biking across the nation, via his Pedego electric bike, to raise awareness for pet therapy!

He also utilizes his pets, Chibby Choo and K Poppy, for pet therapy as well. The dude rules!

Hamm packed his pups in a custom-built sidecar and rode off from Jupiter Inlet, bound for Huntington Beach, Calif., trailed by a support bus with bedding, coolers, paddleboards and supplies.

His making his trek to raise awareness of the benefits of pet therapy and how dogs help people. The motivation, when his dog comforted his sister, Tamra Williams, who was dying of cancer in 2015.

Both of his dogs are certified for pet therapy and he also launched a non-profit, Paws for Compassion, which he operates under. He brings his dogs to medical facilities in the area and to Tequesta Terrace, an assisted living facility, where he spreads smiles, left and right.

When Hamm returns, he is going to jump behind the wheel of the bus to promote the organization in shuttling dogs to areas of need around Lake Okeechobee.

Hamm’s passion is to serve others and to that, we give this bro, two thumbs up! Keep up the great work!


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Man Breaks Into Taco Bell for Cash, Stays and Makes Himself a Snack

A still-unidentified man who broke into a Taco Bell for the register cash and stayed for a snack, is now being tied to a previous crime at another Taco Bell as well.

Boynton Beach Police are continuing a search for a man responsible for breaking into the fast food Mexican restaurant in taking register cash and then reaching for a pre-fried tostada shell.

All police have to go off of is video surveillance and numerous body tattoos in trying to recognize the man. The restaurant owner had noticed a loss of profit, as well as a loss in inventory, which prompted the manager to call police.

Per the footage, the man is clearly guilty, so now it’s just a matter of time before he is identified and brought to taco justice.


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Florida Feels: Fallen Officer’s Son Rolls to School in Style

Five-year-old Jake Nealy pulled up to school in grand fashion with his very own police escort!

It was Nealy’s first day of kindergarten at Crystal Lakes Elementary School in Boynton Beach, Fla., but also one without his father, Sgt. Bill Nealy, of the West Palm Beach Police Department, who died of cancer less than a month prior.

One of his final dying wishes to his fellow officers was to take care of his wife and two children, especially for Jake when he started school.

Jake walked up to his classroom hand-in-hand with his mom, officer Brent Treu and a dozen other officers and first responders, that saw him to his seat and introduced him to his new class and teacher.

“He was a good guy to talk to, a family man,” said Treu. “He would ask me about my wife and my kids and how they’re doing. And him not being here today, it still hurts almost a year later.”

The awesome gesture had all involved in tears, but Jake was all smiles.

We’re not crying, you are.


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Man Used Smoke Alarm Camera to Snap Nudes of Women

Wayne Jeffrey Khoma was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty to seven counts of video voyeurism at his rental property.

The 67-year-old was caught with a hidden camera in a smoke detector in one of the rooms in his three-bedroom house, of which he rented out to women, and was capturing nude photos of them.

He got caught because he got sloppy. His tenant found a flash drive belonging to Khoma, which had dozens of photos of women in the same bedroom, some nude, some in a towel or getting dressed.

When police searched the home, he admitted to doing it because he, ‘wanted to watch’. The room was available for $500-per-month.


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Florida Iguanas Leave Elderly Couple in a Shitty Situation

An elderly couple in West Palm Beach was just trying to keep their spark alive by enjoying some quality time together in their home jacuzzi when they were slapped in the nostrils with a putrid smell and the sight of the biggest pile of iguana shit they have ever seen. Not wanting to get it on in a “porta-potty”, the elderly couple contacted a local trapper to take care of the problem so they could get back to taking care of business. Aside from the smell and sight, iguana feces tends to contain salmonella and can pose a serious health risk.

Green iguanas have been wreaking havoc in South Florida so much so that Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities have encouraged “homeowners to kill green iguana on their own property whenever possible.” This seems like a great opportunity for those who offered other kinds of exterminations on the now-defunct Silk Road, a dark web site that offered illegal services, to turn over a new leaf and give back to society legally.


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