Woman Hits Man with BMW, Attempts to Pee on Deputy

A 20-year-old Serina Maris Probus was stoked to get her mugshot, however, her charges are serious and she’ll surely lose that big smile real soon.

Probus is facing numerous felony charges in two-different incidents … IN THE SAME NIGHT!!!

She first hit a man with her BMW while strung out on cocaine and then tried to take a hot, steamy piss on the arresting officer.

She’s a class act.

Probus, drunk and high, first left her sister-in-law’s holiday party, her 6-month-old baby in tow, despite attempts by the family and friends to keep her at the home. She also bit said sister on the hand.

When being placed in the patrol car, shortly after hitting the man with her BMW SUV, she had to be restrained and placed in hobbles. This is when she attempted to pee on the officer and also spit on him.

So, to reiterate, she’s a class act.

She’s chilling in Pasco County Jail with charges of domestic violence, felony battery, felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and a few more misdemeanor charges as well, for good measure.


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Man Arrested After Neighbors Call Police Because of His Loud Lawnmower

Neighbors phoned police recently to complain about the volume of the lawnmower of one 57-year-old Robert Miller, which led to his arrest.

That’s right, Miller’s mower, which apparently could be heard from over three houses away, has been lighting up the neighborhood for, allegedly, over a month, prompting its inhabitants to finally call the police. In fact, over 100 calls had been made to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to complain.

When police arrived, body cam footage showed Miller saying that he didn’t care about the neighbors and started to rev the the mower even louder, despite one of the deputies asking him to turn it off.

When arrested, he refused to provide fingerprints. He was arrested for both disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


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Grown Man ‘Playing Cowboy’ Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg with .22 Revolver

A 36-year-old Matthew Noffsinger Jr. was doing his best Wild-Wild-West impression recently when his revolver discharged and shot him in the leg.


Noffsinger, a convicted felon, was treated for his wound at the hospital, stating that someone shot him in the woods. Pasco County deputies, however, spotted that the entrance and exit wounds went straight down the leg, contradicting his story.

Thus, Noffsinger confessed that he lied and, as a convicted felon, is not supposed to be operating firearms, so he was booked.

He told police that he was messing around and ‘playing cowboy’ when a .22 revolver accidentally went off. When his belongings were searched, police found a backpack with four credit cards and a personal ID card, all of which did not belong to him.

Noffsinger was arrested and charged with felony firearm possession and possession of other people’s personal information.

Don’t play with guns, kids!


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Woman Attempts to Kill Man with Knife, Then Again After He Wouldn’t Delete Video of Encounter

A 46-year-old Melissa Ann Henson has been arrested and accused of attempted murder via a large kitchen knife of a man.

Henson apparently went to the victim’s home following an argument between them and his sister, by way of text messages. The man started recording the incident from his phone after she entered the home which videoed the woman attacking the recording victim with a knife in an attempt to stab him.

The man then punched her with a closed fist, which caused her to drop the knife. The video was used to identify Henson as the aggressor.

Henson was charged with a felony of attempted murder/homicide and tampering of a witness. Especially after the two fell to the ground and audio captured her screaming to delete the video, which showed him holding her wrist to prevent her from stabbing him.

She’s currently in custody and being held without bond.


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Man Threatens to Kill Neighbors with Pellet Gun, Tells Police When Free, He’ll Try Again

A 46-year-old Derick Wade Tidwell must be pretty good with a pellet gun, because that is what he says he (allegedly) will kill his neighbors with.

When police arrived, he was ‘intentionally and unlawfully’ pointing an air-powered pellet gun at the neighbors and telling them he is going to ‘put them in the ground’.

When he was booked, police also found he had a small bag of weed in his pocket too, which he failed to declare to them. Thus, now facing charges for aggravated assault, but also another felony for possession of contraband.

His bond was set at $40,000 after he stated that when he posted bond, he’d go right back to the house and ‘disfigure the faces’ of the victims.

He’s currently being held at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center, so he didn’t post the bond that he said he would.


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Drunk Man Drives SUV Through Neighbor’s Kitchen Because of ‘Longstanding Feud’

A 47-year-old Timothy Alan Farmer has had enough, so he drove his SUV through his neighbor’s kitchen, in true ‘Florida Man’ fashion.

The couple was not injured in the incident, but the woman was indeed in the house during the incident.

When police arrived, Farmer was just chilling in his white Ford Explorer and stated, ‘I’m tired of these people!’ and then directed his anger to the cops in saying, ‘Do not &%$@ing cuff me!’, while resisting arrest.

The arrest report found his eyes to be bloodshot and he was also slurring speech. He could barely stand and decided to down another beer because, quote, ‘to make the best of the situation (since he’s going to jail anyway)’.

The damage he caused has rendered the home temporarily condemned because of what he did to the structure. There was also a restraining order filed by the neighbors against Farmer, but that didn’t sway his decision to drive through their home.

This feud has been ongoing for a year in a classic case of ‘they said-they said’, but neighbors have been 50/50 on who is really at fault.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that Farmer has accrued numerous charges because of the incident, including: burglary, resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license, forced entry, criminal mischief and many other felonies and misdemeanor charges as well.

Click the source article below to check out the police bodycam video of the dude chilling in his truck and then he chugs a beer.


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Woman Catches BF Watching Porn, Beats Him with Metal Detector

A 77-year-old Jane Galitello is the enforcer of all that is pure, so when her boyfriend, who is seven years younger, decided to watch softcore porn on Cinemax, she took it upon herself to beat him with the rounded head of a metal detector, because Florida.

She also grabbed him by the arm, which was probably the one he had down his pants, and scratched him with her deadly nails, some of the cuts measuring half-inch deep.

The incident that sparked the fight happened after Galitello walked into the room and there was a topless woman on the screen, which led to the temper tantrum.

She was shipped off to Pasco County Jail on charges of battery.


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‘Clueless’ Actor Stacey Dash Arrested for Domestic Battery

Stacey Dash, a 52-year-old actress, known best for her role as Dionne in Clueless, has been married for a little over a year, but a little hiccup in the form of domestic violence, may put that union in jeopardy.

Dash allegedly was charged with pushing and slapping her husband across the face, following a verbal dispute, at their home in Land O’ Lakes. He had scratches on his upper arm.

The actor hasn’t appeared in films for quite a while, having served as a political commentator for the past few years.

She posted the $500 bond and will await a date in court.

“As if!”


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Serial Flasher, Who Whips it Out and Plays With it, Finally Brought to Justice

Robert Digiacomo likes being naked, because, in his words, “I’m just an asshole. What can I say?”.

The 69-year-old man is a serial flasher and had a warrant out for his arrest, having exposed himself and masturbating at numerous stores along SR-56 in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Target employees apparently spotted him and called the sheriff’s office, while responding officers found him in the Sam’s Club parking lot. That’s where he admitted to being an asshole, which is a refreshing way of saying that ‘s he’s guilty.

The charges listed included indecent exposure and exposure of sexual organs.


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Man Flashes Huge Smile After Earning Fifth Felony

Gordon Ormond now has a felony for every decade he has been on Earth. He is essentially collecting felonies at this point. The 56-year-old man just racked up yet another DUI and, based on his mugshot, is ecstatic about it.

Ormond violated numerous traffic laws while putting the lives of everyone else on the road in jeopardy. He first ran a red light and then drove through some kid’s streetside basketball hoop. Despite the sirens and flashing lights of the police in pursuit, he kept going.

He even tried to elude police at a staggering 35 MPH. Finally, police were able to halt him with stop sticks, which deflated three-of-four tires.

The arrest led to him being charged with, again, his fifth DUI offense, as well as his … 12th driving with a suspended license offense! Oh, he also earned charges of leaving the scene of an accident and fleeing to elude as well.

Smile, bro. Also, stop operating vehicles, you lunatic!


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