Man Arrested After Hiring Undercover Detective to Murder His Brother

Some people talk it out and some hire contract killers to take care of the problem. The latter is what 54-year-old Gary Hudge opted for.

Hudge met with an undercover detective recently to dish out some cash to see his brother killed because of financial disagreements. He offered locations and addresses for his brother, as well as transportation and guns to commit the murder as well.

After making a monetary exchange, he was taken into custody. He currently resides in Pinellas County Jail and is charged with solicitation of murder, sale of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance, all crimes of which he has already admitted to committing.


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Couple Arrested After Fistfight Over The Kelly Clarkson Show

A 55-year-old Ronald Meyer and his girlfriend, Linda Donahower (61), got so heated over an argument over a segment from The Kelly Clarkson Show, that it resulted in both being arrested for domestic battery.

You read that correctly.

Donahower and Meyer, at their shared Clearwater home, got into a verbal altercation when she punched Meyer in the shoulder and told him to ‘shut up’ because he was ‘annoying her’. Meyer then climbed on top of her and punched her in the face, which left a visible red mark and swelling.

His reasoning for doing it, ‘to get her to calm down’. Wow!

The arresting officer noted that the couple, who have been together for 14 years, were both intoxicated.

Both were booked on charges of misdemeanor mutual domestic battery.


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Man Arrested for Handing Out Marijuana ‘For Christmas’

A 67-year-old Richard Ellis Spurrier (no relation) was just trying to spread some holiday cheer in passing out some marijuana to people walking by, but the problem is, that’s illegal.

That’s right, the St. Pete man was downtown and in possession of 45 grams of weed. He also had with him, a digital scale, glass pipe and prescription bottle, though it had his name on it, as well as a sword, concealed in his cane!

Spurrier was taken into custody and released the same day. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and intent to distribute.


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Man Arrested for Domestic Battery, By Way of a Pop-Tart to the Head of His Wife

A 36-year-old Brandon Sutherland angrily threw a breakfast pastry at the head of his wife recently and thus, was arrested.

The weapon of choice, a Pop-Tart.

The incident occurred following an argument between the two, which prompted Sutherland to hurl the goo-filled pastry at his wife. The Pop-Tart missed her and hit the wall, but on the follow-through, his arm hit her.

He admitted to his Pop-Tart assault, which resulted in the woman having a mark on her arm. He was also arrested last year for assault on the same woman, having then been charged with a misdemeanor battery charge.

The ‘disabled veteran’ is currently jailed on domestic battery charges.


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Bizarre Road Rage Incident Leads to Man Spitting Food in Woman’s Mouth

The lunatic that is 61-year-old David Wipperman was taken into custody after a weird and maniacal road rage incident resulted in him spitting mashed food into a woman’s mouth.

Wipperman got out of his truck and approached the woman, who rolled down her window to apologize, where he decided to spit the food at her and in her mouth as well, all while screaming at her and pointing his finger in her face.


He was arrested on charges of felony battery and, in past weeks, has been arrested numerous other times, including on burglary of an occupied vehicle.

The psycho currently resides in the Pinellas County Jail.


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Man Arrested for Drugs at McDonald’s Also Had Meth Stashed in Naval

A 41-year-old Martin Skelly, a St. Petersburg native, was arrested for possession of narcotics at a McDonald’s in Clearwater.

Skelly was found with a 28-gauge needle with drugs in it. However, that isn’t the end of it. When taken into custody, he was also found with a small bag of meth stashed in his belly button.

Skelly had previously denied having anything else, but during the cavity search, a crystal powder substance was found wedged deep in the naval.

The substance was then indeed tested positive for methamphetamine.

The additional felony charges he’s facing now include possession of narcotics and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.


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Man’s Hidden Cam Found by Roommate, Footage Shows Him Masturbating in Her Shower

A 28-year-old Joshua Michael Riffel is into some weird shit. His 58-year-old roommate found the cam he hid, including the recording device, which apparently has footage of her walking around naked and also that of him masturbating in her shower as well.

The video voyeur, Riffel, was arrested at his place of employment, Crabby Bill’s Bar and Grill in Palm Harbor, Fla., after the roomie phoned police.

The woman first discovered a hub of equipment in the bathroom and thought it to be peculiar. She had her friend come check it out and that is when the discovery was made. The memory card contained footage of both her and her daughter naked, while also that of Riffel pleasuring himself and even that of him setting up the equipment, thus an admission of guilt.

Riffel is in jail and has admitted to installing the camera to obtain nudes.


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Police Find Kilo of Meth Stashed in Couple’s Box of Tide

Laundry day can apparently mean a lot of different things. For this Florida couple, making their way through Texas, it means to kick back and do some meth.

Deputies, via a drug-sniffing canine, found methamphetamine hidden in a laundry detergent box, as well as some marijuana for good measure, as they made their way along I-10. The alleged, Ryan Davis (Clearwater), 35-years-old and Erica Lang (35 – St. Petersburg), were initially stopped for a traffic violation and refused to let the car be searched by deputies.

The good pup, ‘Mygo’ did an open-air sniff and indicated that there were indeed narcotics in the automobile. Cops searched the car to find over a kilo of meth, tucked away in a detergent box and THC gummies and hydroponic weed as well, measuring two scales.

It was apparently party time!

Lang actually gave police a fake name because, news flash, she has eight warrants out for her arrest in Florida for charges like possession and distribution.

The two were booked, charged with possession of a controlled substance and await being sent back to Florida.


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Man Arrested at Target for Having Sex with Stuffed Animals, Including Frozen’s ‘Olaf’

A 20-year-old Cody Meader was arrested at a Target Superstore for having sex with stuffed animals, but for some reason, everyone is more shocked that one of them was an Olaf doll, from the movie Frozen, which has a sequel coming. Free publicity!

Witnesses claimed they noticed Meader ‘dry humping’ toys as he pulled them off the shelves. He apparently ejaculated on the Olaf doll and put it back on the shelf as well. Ew! He wasn’t done, because he then pulled down a large unicorn and started humping that too. The stamina in this kid is incredible!

The toys were removed from the store and destroyed.

Meader was arrested and admitted to his crime. He was charged with criminal mischief.


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Man Charged with DUI After Taking Evening Drive on the Sidewalk

A 29-year-old Corey Sapigao decided he’d take a nighttime stroll recently, but there were two problems with that. One, he was insanely drunk and two, it was on a sidewalk, where, you know, people walk.

Sapigao was driving erratically on Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. when he then swerved onto the sidewalk for a spell. It was noticed by another driver, who phoned 9-1-1, as he was then stopped a few blocks up from the incident.

He’s currently residing in Pinellas County Jail and faces charges of driving without a valid license and one count of driving under the influence.

Police said Sapigao told them he’s never had a valid license in any state.


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