Florida Feels: Kayaker Rescues Woman in Submerged Car

An 81-year-old woman took a wrong and, extremely dangerous, turn, landing her automobile nearly submerged, overnight, in the waters of Higel Marine Park.

A man’s morning kayak, the next day, thus turned into a rescue mission. He noticed the car, with the woman trapped inside, as the car continued to sink.

The man, who received help from a nearby paddler, was able to help the woman escape through the passenger-side window of the almost-sunken car, of which, had water up to the dashboard.

Emergency responders were notified and promptly brought the woman to the hospital.

The issue was the wrong turn, but also that the Higel Boat Ramp was slick from moss and algae buildup, which led to the car landing in the water, as the brakes failed under the circumstances.

The woman is in stable condition, thanks to the two Florida bros that helped her out of the car.


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Florida Feels: Bar Pulls Over $14K Off Walls to Donate to Bahamas

Big ups to the Siesta Key Oyster Bar, in Sarasota, Fla., for axing a 16-year tradition of pinning dollar bills on its walls and ceiling, to pull it all down in donating to the Red Cross for Hurricane Dorian relief.

The tradition originally hails from an old fisherman’s tale in which sticking money on the wall would secure you a spot and a beer at the bar after a long day’s work.

The donation is for roughly $14,000. The final goal is $15,000. The media coverage is definitely helping as well, as people are coming in droves to donate upward of $50 a visit for the initiative as well.

What’s even more awesome is that this isn’t the first time the establishment has pulled money down off of its structure, having donated over $10,000 to five different local charities.

This team effort gets five thumbs up from all of us here at FLMT.


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Man Announces He Will Kill Hotel Manager to News and is Arrested

David Ashworth, 51-years-old, registered an email to a news outlet that he was going to kill a hotel manager for disrespecting his girlfriend, because Florida.

Ashworth claims the hotelier ‘double charged his credit card and kicks people out’. He then used said girlfriend’s email to write, “I am taking him out next week when I say that you all don’t understand … He made my girl cry now I must make him die.”

He also called the local tv station and told them he was a lawyer. When arrested, he admitted to all accusations and was charged with felony written threats to kill with a set bond at $7,500.


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