St. Johns

Jerk Writes Anti-Gay Remark on Receipt, Shoves it Down Manager’s Blouse

Frederic Sterry Smith has been arrested after doing more than just signing his receipt and leaving it on the table at Milagro restaurant.

Smith had a problem with his server because of his sexual orientation, writing, ‘If he wasn’t gay’, on the bill. When confronted at the door, he ripped up the receipt, grabbed the manager’s collar, pulled her shirt open, shoved the scraps of the receipt down her blouse and fled the scene.

This standup dude drove away screaming, “I can say whatever I want, to whoever I want!” and, after being apprehended by police, was charged with simple battery. He was released on $500 bail.


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Woman Pulls a Knife Over a Pizza Slice

Don’t ever come between 22-year-old De’Erica Cooks of St. Augustine, Fla., and her pizza! The woman allegedly pulled a knife and proceeded to ninja the folks behind the corner when denied a slice.

She apparently told the woman behind the corner that she would ‘cut her’ if she didn’t get a slice of pizza, equipped with a steak knife in hand.

She remains in jail and is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


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