Woman Tosses Bucket of Human Feces on Landlord

A 65-year-old Joanne Mercader apparently keeps a trusty bucket of her feces handy in case of home invasion. In this instance, her landlord.

That’s right, Mercader claims she meant to soak him with a bucket of water, but instead flung her collection of poop in a bucket.


Mercader initially claimed her landlord broke in to assault her, but was found with dried feces on her face and on her clothes.

Both women, covered in feces are now face-to-face with police at this point. She first claimed she didn’t know why either of them had poop on them, but later redacted her story to say she meant to grab the bucket of water and not poop, both of which, she apparently keeps at the ready in the bathroom.

Finally, after an awkward back-and-forth of trying to explain why people had human poop all over each other, the woman admitted to waiting at the ready for her landlord to open the door, when she chucked the bucket at her, drenching her in liquid poo.

Mercader was arrested for battery on a person of 65-years or older.


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Woman Arrested for Swapping Father’s Pain Meds with Tylenol

A 47-year-old Jennifer Hall was all smiles in her mugshot after the neglectful woman was busted for having been switching her 86-year-old father’s Oxy with Tylenol.

The pill-popper garnered suspicion after the hospice nurse had noticed some of the victim’s pills had been swapped with another medication.

Because of her actions, having denied her father meds for over a week’s time, nurses had to administer fentanyl patches to help the senior overcome the pain.

Even Hall’s mother doesn’t trust her. She stated she was fearful for not only their safety, but pets and belongings as well, prompting them to lock their doors at night when she’s at the house.

In fact, she has numerous arrests stemming back to previous crimes against her parents in both 2018 and earlier this year as well.

While the deputies were investigating, prior to her arrest, Hall fled out the back door, where she was found by police, hiding in the bushes.

Hall was arrested on numerous charges including, resisting arrest, neglect of an elderly adult and theft of a controlled substance.

She’s currently thinking about her actions on $5,000 bond in the Volusia County Jail.


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Woman Lures Man to Apartment, Leaves Him with Gun Shot Wound and without Pants

A 19-year-old Takira Daniels, who goes by ‘Nookie’, invited a man to her apartment, but not for what you might think.

Daniels invited Kahill Thomas over with the intention of stealing his marijuana, but then decided to also leave him without pants and having been shot in the leg!

Daniels claims that she was unaware her ‘accomplices’ were coming with guns, but when they got there, one of them pistol-whipped Thomas, another stole his pants and the third shot him in the leg. It was a team effort.

Thomas was found by police, with a gunshot in his calf and in his underwear.

Daniels was charged with principal to armed robbery and principal to aggravated battery. She made her $12,000 bail and awaits a date in court.


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Man on Probation Robs From Probation Office

A 37-year-old Latravia McGill, of Daytona Beach, Fla., violated his probation in allegedly breaking into his probation office.

Double Probation!

McGill’s probation was slated to last through April of 2021, for burglary of an unoccupied structure. Now, courtesy of his burglary charges, causing more than $1,000 in damage, possession of burglary tools, petty theft and resisting arrest of an officer, that looks to expand a bit.

The best part about the whole story is that he tried to flee police on a bicycle and the chain broke … So, he stopped and accepted his fate.

He currently resides in the Volusia County Jail without bail.


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Gamer Arrested in Shooting of House Following Online Gaming Dispute

A 19-year-old gamer, Isabell Lewis, was dished out a whole list of charges in her recent arrest, including aggravated stalking and tampering.

The teenager engaged in a name-calling temper tantrum on Xbox Live, over a believed-to-be owed $40, which also extended to vulgar text messages as well. This resulted in her firing a shot into the living room of the victims, who heard loud bangs and found a window shattered.

The gun used was a BB gun, which broke a sliding door. No injuries were reported and police later picked up Lewis, who was hiding out in a baseball field.


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Man Arrested for Looting During Hurricane Dorian Evacuations

This greedy turd, Jeremy Crouter, 32-years-old, was found trying to break into over 15 hotels and condominiums, because material things are super important when everything is potentially under water.

He was ‘allegedly’ checking doorknobs and windows in an attempt to read how secure they were.

He was later arrested on the street, after resisting arrest, and now faces the following charges: burglary, possession (meth), resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer.

All that and he didn’t even score any loot. Congrats, bro!


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Man Makes Threats, Equipped with Nunchucks and Bug Spray

In an attempt to silence some noisy neighbors, Larry Adams, 61-years-old, threatened them with both a set of nunchucks and bug spray.

The aspiring ninja, on a crazed quest to silence the noise, only injured himself. He ran out of his Daytona Beach, Fla., residence because of the loud music his neighbors were blaring, equipped with the martial arts weapon and bug spray in hands. He struck a car with the nunchucks, which bounced back and hit him in the face and while spraying the roach killer, it blew back into his eyes (hence the awesome mugshot).

Police arrived to find Adams, injured, and a box containing nunchucks, a half-remaining can of roach spray and a handgun magazine, though no handgun that officials could find.

Adams was booked on aggravated battery and assault charges and, according to the apartment manager, will be evicted soon as well.


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Trio Wins Lottery, Buys Drugs, Because Florida

What would you do with a $20,000-winning lottery ticket? For the trio of Migdalia Cruz, 59-years-old, Luis Correa (39) and Dana LaFlamme (34), they’d buy drugs and weapons, of course.

The Deltona-based trio face numerous charges on drugs and weapons, just hours after redeeming the scratch-off winning ticket. Correa was charged with possession of numerous drugs and two counts of sale, while Cruz was also charged with sale of heroin and within 1,000 feet of a school. LaFlamme was arrested for driving with a suspended license and in violation of her probation for carrying firearm ammunition.

On arrest day, Correa tested positive for fentanyl and heroin, but also had three bags of narcotics. Detectives stormed the house to find more drugs, including cocaine, pills, ecstasy and other drug paraphernalia.

The three were taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail where Correa was released on $36,000 bail, Cruz, on $5,000 bail and, unfortunately for LaFlamme, she remains jailed because you can’t be bailed on a weapons charge.


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Psycho Dad Throws Son in Ocean While Backflipping off Pier

Father of the Year, John Bloodsworth, was arrested for not only being publicly intoxicated, but for also throwing his 5-year-old son into the ocean in an ‘attempt to teach him to swim’, while performing backflips off of the Daytona Beach Pier.

The 37-year-old douchebag tallied aggravated abuse of a child, disorderly intoxication and swimming within 300 feet of the pier charge(s).

Witnesses claimed he hurled the child into the water as he struggled and left him to figure it out, while he practiced audition for the circus. After each backflip, he would swim by his son and yelling at him to ‘learn to swim!’

He posted his $1,500 bail and will seemingly go back to being a turd, while the child is now with his mother.

This bro even made the statement that he was, ‘going to jail for being awesome’ and would ‘be back everyday to jump off the pier’.


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