Woman Enters Walmart to Use Unpaid Items to Attempt to Make a Bomb

A 37-year-old Emily Stallard can now be branded as a domestic terrorist, after entering a Walmart, grabbing items of the shelves and attempting to make a bomb, in-store, while also with her young child in tow.

That’s right, Stallard assembled all items, made a makeshift bomb and attempted to detonate it in the supercenter. She was thwarted, however, thanks in part, to a security guard who noticed her roaming numerous aisles while accumulating multiple flammable materials and projectiles.

The security guard also notified an off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer who was also in the store at the time of the incident. The two were able to stop her just as she was attempting to light the wick of the hand-made bomb.

Sheriffs on the scene noted she had all the necessary items to ’cause a mass destruction’, so she definitely knew what she was doing.

Big ups to the two officers in-store for stopping what could have been a devastating incident!

Stallard is currently being held on $8,500 bond and has a laundry list of charges against her, including: attempted arson of a structure, child abuse and, as she was being taken away, battery on a law enforcement officer, because she decided to spit on the arresting deputy.


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