Woman Steals $8K From GFM Campaign for Little Girl Who Died

Amanda Strickland, the next-door neighbor to 8-year-old Mariah Weinman, who died when a tree fell on her house during a tornado, is an absolute fiend.

Strickland, who actually launched the GoFundMe campaign to ‘help’ the family, linked it to her personal bank account. It raised more than $14,000 in the first week, of which she paid $13,000 to the family.

That’s nice, right? Maybe. However, she never ended the campaign and continued to garner donations. The total amount pulled in was roughly $21,000, of which she kept the difference.

She was arrested and resides currently in the Leon County Detention Facility on charges of failure to apply contributions in a manner substantially consistent with the solicitation.

She made her $1,000 bond and awaits a court date.


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