Man Skates into Walmart, Steals Over $500 in Items, Skates Out

A still-unidentified man ‘hovered’ into the Winter Haven Walmart recently, filled his cart up with over $500 in merchandise and then hovered straight out of the store. Video surveillance captured the whole thing!

That’s right, this thief from the future was rocking a pair of Voyager ‘Space Shoes’, which are e-mobility hover skate sneakers, retailing at around $200.

Video shows the man using the hover board to push the cart while he navigates the store and filling his cart. It’s presumed that the suspect left the scene in a 1990s Nissan Maxima, with two different chrome wheels and some distinguishable hood damage.

Some of the items he made off with include a car battery, bouquet of flowers, Roku TV and a Motokicks hoverboard, because apparently, this dude likes to float around.


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