Man Avoids Arrest by Hiding in Pond, Caught When He Came Up for Air

A 36-year-old Daniel Christopher Booth, in an attempt to evade capture by police, decided to take a chance, strip naked and hide submerged in a pond.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

Booth, who worked at a nearby solar power plant in Wellborn, Fla., was sought by the Suwanee County Sheriffs Office, with warrants for his arrest in hand, for neighboring Baker County, for methamphetamine charges.

When officers arrived on the scene, Booth took off, despite the K9 units being deployed as well. Having garnered a head start, he de-clothed and hid underwater to evade pursuit. However, dogs are a lot smarter than him and hung around till he came up for air. At that point, was taken into custody, shirtless.

The Rambo impersonator was taken into custody at Suwanee County Jail and faces additional charges now as well, including resisting arrest.


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