FL Man Weekly

Welcome to our weekly podcast/webcast! Every Sunday, at 9pm (ET), Corn and Stubbs will be recapping the week that was at Florida Man Today.

The show is streamed across both our YouTube and Twitch channels. The two hosts will take on the Florida Man phenomenon, talk about everything from their most-recent grocery runs to what they’re streaming right now, among many other things, and also review offerings from different Florida breweries, distilleries and wineries as well.

If you can’t tune in live on Sundays, we got you covered. The podcast will be available on Anchor just a few days after each show airs. You can also catch it on your favorite podcast platform. Either way, make sure to tune in every week and keep it here for all your Florida Man news.

We also want to hear your Florida Man experiences. You can submit your story, which could make its way onto our show, so as we may all be blessed!

See you soon and stay classy, Florida!

We will be back with more crazy stories, segments, and reviews in January!